The Problem

At a time of budget constraints, companies waste money using fragmented and inefficient systems for managing goods and materials coming into organizations and waste that goes out.

Waste removal is expensive. It’s a multi-billion dollar expense in direct costs not counting the residual value of waste, personnel time, landfill expense, and risk to health and environment. The overall lifecycle of that waste involves a layered network of janitorial supply houses, office supply stores, commercial waste haulers, document shredders, and specialized online booksellers each marking up services, adding cost and creating inefficiencies in the system.

The Solution

LibriLoop is re-engineering the waste-management value chain. By considering the end-to-end cycle of commodity product use and removal, LibriLoop improves efficiencies, exploits economies of scale and leverages logistical gains. LibriLoop eliminates former cost centers and introduces material savings to serve the economical and environmental interests of its clients with a unique closed-loop distribution system.